Budgets in NetSuite – 3 Ways!

We will review 3 different ways to provide budgets in NetSuite: using standard NetSuite functionality, using the multiple budgets included with Advanced Financials and OneWorld, and using Adaptive Planning (a complementary NetSuite product). Presented by Paul Thompson of Hein & Associates (now Moss Adams) and Dana Larson of Eide Bailly.

Simple budgeting included in the standard Financials module

  • How to add a simple budget in NetSuite
  • How to import a budget from a spreadsheet
  • Available classifications for my budget

The multiple budgets that are included with Advanced Financials and OneWorld

  • How multiple budgets work
  • How the local vs. global budgets in OneWorld work

Adaptive Planning – the complementary product

  • Benefits of using Adaptive Planning?
  • What functionality can be gained by adding this to NetSuite

Custom Fields and Records

Sam Stetler of SolidFire will be presenting. Custom fields and records are a perfect solution for keeping track of your own data in NetSuite or for viewing data of one type, in transactions of a different type. To demonstrate the functionality, we will build a very basic real world contract tracking system during the presentation. This information should give you a jump start to making NetSuite more useful for your end-users and hopefully make you the office hero.

Custom Fields – basic to advanced

  • How to create custom fields
  • Understanding custom field types
  • Understanding List/Records and Record is Parent field
  • Custom fields validation and defaulting options, including saved searches
  • Custom fields sourcing and filtering options

Custom Records  – basic to advance

  • When custom records should be used
  • How to create custom records
  • How to provide user access to custom records through global search and through center menus
  • Custom record form customization
  • Creating child and parent records
  • Searches and reports on custom records

As this was prior to recording meetings, please download meeting notes below.