Project Management

Gerry Dewil and Ali Omac, Solution Specialists at NetSuite’s Demo organization, presented the Project Management business flow. They reviewed NetSuite Project records from a Services and Products angle, covering topics such as base Project Management, SuiteProjects and add-ons like Project 360, the Purchase to Project SuiteApp, and the Project Classification SuiteApp. They also explained supplementary bundles like Resource Allocations and Skill Sets.

Procure to Pay

Margie Komninos from PlantScan Corporation reviewed the Procure to Pay (P2P) process in NetSuite. We will explore the basics from a Purchase Order (PO) creation to Item Receipt to Vendor Bill and Bill Payment. We will look at important fields in the related records (Vendor, Item, and Employee). We will also touch on the difference between a drop-ship and standard PO, purchasing items vs non inventory items, approval process options, vendor prepayments, creating a PO from a SO, vendor returns, purchase requests vs requisitions, key reports and blanket order PO option. Any NetSuite user involved in the P2P process or administrator, beginner to seasoned users, should find value in this session.

Saved Searches with I.B. Stottlemyer

I.B. Stottlemyer from Oracle NetSuite shared methods of searching and displaying data in NetSuite using the powerful “Saved Search” tool. This meeting explores the basics and also learn how to use the more advanced features of NetSuite’s searching capability. Any NetSuite user or administrator, beginner to advanced, will find this useful. Even if you aren’t creating the saved searches yourself you will learn what you can and can’t do with them.

Supply Chain Process and Inventory Management

Sarah Muha of RSM US LLP presented on Supply Chain Process capabilities native to NetSuite. This meeting is intended to provide users already on NetSuite a foundational understanding of what features they can leverage within NetSuite to gain increased visibility and control to overall Supply Chain Process and Inventory Management processes. The presentation covers such key points such as basic sales driven demand, manufacturing activity and inventory management.

Customizing NetSuite 2022

Cory Anderson of Cory Anderson Consulting presents Customizing NetSuite. He covers some of the basic and essential customizations possible in NetSuite as well as a few advanced topics. This meeting is designed for any NetSuite administrator or power user and will provide insight on how to customize NetSuite for your company’s users and business processes. Beginner and seasoned NetSuite users alike will find valuable takeaways to help them get the most out of NetSuite for their businesses. We will be covering, custom fields, custom lists, customizing forms (screen and printing options), and custom records. Margie Komninos of PlantScan Corporation will present Custom Segments in the Tips & Tricks section.”

Foreign Currency Exchange in NetSuite – FX 101

Peggy Evleth hosted a special, deep-dive session covering Foreign Currency Exchange (FX) in NetSuite. This session focused on key NetSuite functions including the following: • Company functional currency • Handling of foreign currency transactions • FX gains and loss handling • Consolidation of subsidiaries • CTA processing This session provides a basic overview for people who are using foreign currencies as part of their business but seek deeper knowledge as to how the system works.

NetSuite 101 – Back to Basics

Dana Larson from Dana Larson Consulting presented NetSuite 101 – Back to Basics. This meeting is a great meeting for folks who are new to NetSuite, as well as for those who have been using NetSuite for a while but could use a refresher on the basics. Even seasoned users might find pearls in this presentation!

A Potpourri of NetSuite Topics

This meeting was on a selection of NetSuite topics:

SuiteQL – Tim Dietrich

Tim will introduce SuiteQL, a database query language that can be used to access data in NetSuite. He will explain the benefits of using SuiteQL, show example queries, and demonstrate the SuiteQL Query Tool (a free NetSuite application that can be used to run queries).

Bank Feeds – Dana Larson
The Bank Feeds feature in NetSuite allows you to connect with your bank and have the transactions imported automatically.  We will talk about how to set this up and its limitations along with options for reconciling your bank accounts in NetSuite.

Invoice Grouping – Mike Kachline
In 2021, Netsuite introduced the ability to “group together” invoices. In this quick chat, we will cover Netsuite’s “Invoice Group” functionality. What does it do? What can you do with invoice grouping? And general pros and cons.

Payment Link – Cory Anderson
The Payment Link feature allows your customers to conveniently pay an invoice online, using a computer or mobile device. Your customers can receive an email of the invoice with a link to the payment page. Learn how to enable and setup Payment Links in your account.

Matching Bills to Receipts and POs – Margie Komninos

Easily identify any price or quantity discrepancies on your vendor POs, item receipts and bills by using the Post Vendor Bill Variances feature to reveal and correct those transactions lingering in the Inventory Received Not Billed account.

SuiteAnalytics Presentation

Ethan Haberman, from Eide Bailly, will take us through a demonstration of the updated SuiteAnalytics Workbook functionality in NetSuite. With SuiteAnalytics Workbook, you can create highly customizable workbooks that combine queries, pivot tables, and charts using a single tool which accesses data directly from the underlying records in NetSuite. Recently added functionality allows for exporting to Excel, joining of multiple datasets, and support for additional records. Any NetSuite user or administrator, beginner to advanced, will find this useful. Even if you aren’t creating the Workbooks yourself you will learn what you can and can’t do with them.