NetSuite Customization

At this meeting, David Jarrell walks us through NetSuite customization options. Learn how to get the most out of NetSuite by customizing multiple aspects to fit your business needs.

  • Fields
  • Lists
  • Records
  • Tabs
  • Centers

NetSuite Customization Do’s and Don’t’s

Do – use unique field script ids (goes for everything with an id)
Do – fill in the Description and Inline Help boxes
Do – use thoughtful field names (consider prefixes like “Matrix-“)

Don’t – make fields applicable to any more records than necessary
Don’t – check the Global Search box unless you really need to
Don’t – use a display type other than Normal unless you know what you’re doing and you’ve tested it. It will bite you.
Don’t – use Mandatory. Use Workflows for that instead. It will bite you.

Do – use a naming scheme for your lists
Do – standardize your list values

Do – use when you need to approximately 3 or more pieces of data related to a specific record or record type
Do – use when you need to store information with a one-to-many relationship
Do – replace your Excel spreadsheets and Access databases with custom records
Do – use custom records to store information related to NetSuite data
Do – be careful with permissions to your record
Do – enable System Notes

Don’t – make frequent use of “Include Name Field”
Don’t – forget to customize the form for your record if UI access is allowed

Don’t – make frequent use of “Include Name Field”
Don’t – forget to customize the form for your record if UI access is allowed

Do – appreciate the amount of effort required for Custom Centers. User profiles and roles will have to be rebuilt.
Do – build one tab at a time and assign it only to yourself while building it.
Do – use tabs to post training content
Do – remember that Links don’t have to link to NetSuite – they can link outside of NetSuite too

NetSuite – Back to Basics

New NetSuite users/admins will find lots of value and even seasoned users should find many pearls in this presentation. Margie Komninos, a 15 year NetSuite user/admin veteran, will take you back to the basics on a whirlwind tour of NetSuite with stops for tips and tricks along the way.

Presentation slides are available below the video.

  • NetSuite Help – So Many Options
  • New Releases Tips
  • SuiteBundles Freebies
  • Lead to Case & Procure to Pay Overviews
  • Understanding Record types
  • The Power of Home Page Portlets
  • Set Preferences – Key Settings
  • Global Search Tips
  • NetSuite Saved Search Tips
  • NetSuite Reports Tips
  • Power of System Notes
  • Getting Data In/Out & Updated
  • It’s Sticky
  • Finding Waldo Tip
  • Permission Violations Trick
  • Easily send invoices to multiple emails
  • Other take-away goodies (more shortcuts and resources)

SuiteFlow Fundamentals

Workflows made simple

Don’t be scared off by what seems like a more technical topic!  Workflows allow users to build scripts using a drag and drop interface so there is no coding.  This will be a great introduction suitable for all users. Presentation slides available below the video.

  • Elements & Actions
  • Approval Routing
  • Business Rules on Data Entry
  • Automate Business Processes

Managing Employees with NetSuite

This is the recording of the March 2018 Rocky Mountain NetSuite User Group meeting. Barry Erwin from NetSuite reviewed the 2018.1 release and then talked about managing employees in NetSuite.  If you work in Human Resources or are responsible for any employee data this should be extra useful. 

Presentation slides are available to download below the video.

NetSuite Reporting and Saved Searches

Dana Larson from Eide Bailly goes over standard reporting and saved searches in NetSuite. Presentation slides are available for download below the video.

  • Reports vs. Saved Searches
  • Standard Reports
    • Entities vs. Transactions
    • Table joins
    • Customizing
  • Saved Searches
    • Types of searches
    • Using Expressions
    • Building a saved search
    • Formulas
    • Alerts 
  • Custom Financial Reports Overview (custom layouts)
  • 2017.2 preview for NextGen Analytics

NetSuite Customer Creativity Presentation with Cologix

Lisa Crouch, a member of the user group and the VP of Business Architecture at Cologix, Inc. will be showing off some of the great customizations they have done.

Consolidated Invoice User Interface – invoicing tool that consolidates the NS invoices for a single recurring bill each month
Cologix Command – alarm management from an outside system, customer inventory from NetSuite, customer case notifications, and customer usage management to check for peak overages
Customer Portal – inventory management, ordering pass through, case management, invoice history
KPI charts – built for Sales and Operations
Even if you don’t have use for these solutions in your operations, we are hoping that it will get your creative juices flowing for the great things that you can do in your environment!