Supply Chain Process and Inventory Management

Sarah Muha of RSM US LLP presented on Supply Chain Process capabilities native to NetSuite. This meeting is intended to provide users already on NetSuite a foundational understanding of what features they can leverage within NetSuite to gain increased visibility and control to overall Supply Chain Process and Inventory Management processes. The presentation covers such key points such as basic sales driven demand, manufacturing activity and inventory management.

Customizing NetSuite 2022

Cory Anderson of Cory Anderson Consulting presents Customizing NetSuite. He covers some of the basic and essential customizations possible in NetSuite as well as a few advanced topics. This meeting is designed for any NetSuite administrator or power user and will provide insight on how to customize NetSuite for your company’s users and business processes. Beginner and seasoned NetSuite users alike will find valuable takeaways to help them get the most out of NetSuite for their businesses. We will be covering, custom fields, custom lists, customizing forms (screen and printing options), and custom records. Margie Komninos of PlantScan Corporation will present Custom Segments in the Tips & Tricks section.”

NetSuite 101 – Back to Basics

Dana Larson from Dana Larson Consulting presented NetSuite 101 – Back to Basics. This meeting is a great meeting for folks who are new to NetSuite, as well as for those who have been using NetSuite for a while but could use a refresher on the basics. Even seasoned users might find pearls in this presentation!