NetSuite – Back to Basics

New NetSuite users/admins will find lots of value and even seasoned users should find many pearls in this presentation. Margie Komninos, a 15 year NetSuite user/admin veteran, will take you back to the basics on a whirlwind tour of NetSuite with stops for tips and tricks along the way.

Presentation slides are available below the video.

  • NetSuite Help – So Many Options
  • New Releases Tips
  • SuiteBundles Freebies
  • Lead to Case & Procure to Pay Overviews
  • Understanding Record types
  • The Power of Home Page Portlets
  • Set Preferences – Key Settings
  • Global Search Tips
  • NetSuite Saved Search Tips
  • NetSuite Reports Tips
  • Power of System Notes
  • Getting Data In/Out & Updated
  • It’s Sticky
  • Finding Waldo Tip
  • Permission Violations Trick
  • Easily send invoices to multiple emails
  • Other take-away goodies (more shortcuts and resources)