Advanced PDF/HTML Templates

We are pleased to have Daniel Matyas present. He is the NetSuite product manager for Advanced Printing (Advanced PDF/HTML) .  Although part of this sounds very technical, we believe that everyone can benefit from this discussion.

  • Feature Introduction – goal of advanced printing; feature activation; customization of standard templates
  • Main Screen – properties dialog
  • Printing Template Editor – new element & styles tabs; standard elements & interactions; interactive tabs; field drag & drop, UI Freemarker interactions; header/footer, table insert/remove/edit; adding new fields, field selector; Freemarker syntax
  • Source Code Editor – iteration over sublist items
  • Printing from SuiteScript – data source creation; load template from file cabinet; create PDF as downloadable
  • Unsupported Functionality

As this was prior to recording meetings, please download meeting notes below.