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Access the RMNSUG LinkedIn forum here.

The RMNSUG Forum is where fellow RMNSUG members can ask questions, view or post job openings, webinars and white papers. If you are not currently a member of the RMNSUG Forum, you may request access and if you are a registered user group member, you will be granted access. You can register here.

Forum guidelines:

Rocky Mountain NetSuite User Group Forum – LINKEDIN ONLINE COMMUNITY GUIDELINES – The purpose of RMNSUG Forum online community is to support our mission: The Rocky Mountain NetSuite User Group provides NetSuite professionals a locally-based forum that encourages communication through the sharing of best practices and technical solutions as it pertains to the NetSuite products and surrounding technologies.

The following guidelines shall govern the use of our online forum by the members of the RMNSUG:

  1. The subject matter does not need to be strictly limited to issues concerning NetSuite, but should be relevant to those that are using the NetSuite products.
  2. User group related activities or business is welcomed. Marketing of products or services to the RMNSUG membership is prohibited.
  3. The following types of forums/threads are strictly prohibited: a) Jokes b) junk mail c) Spam — repeated copies of the same message or incessant irrelevant posts. e) Political comments, political opinions or links to electoral sites f) Religious comments or any theological beliefs g) Marketing of your own company products or services.
  4. Paid RMNSUG sponsors are permitted to post branded, educational content (such as whitepapers or webinar notifications) at a maximum frequency of once every three months, for up to three years following payment to RMNSUG.
  5. Request for individual or business references is allowed and encouraged. Negative feedback and complaints should be directed to the posting member ONLY.
  6. Members should refrain from any personal attacks or use of profanity but should conduct themselves with courtesy and respect.

Any posts by members that fail to adhere to the guidelines will be subject to removal immediately by the Moderator. RMNSUG Forum LinkedIn Moderator will issue a written reminder to anyone who does not adhere to these guidelines. The Board reserves the right to remove an individual violating these guidelines from our online community.