Inventory and Advanced Inventory

Cory Anderson of Eide Bailly and Margie Komninos of PlantScan Corporation (a manufacturing company) will present Inventory and Advanced Inventory functionality in NetSuite. Our main focus will be around physical inventory. The intended audiences are those new to NetSuite Inventory and those that have been using it, but want to understand some of the more complex areas of inventory associated with manufacturing. The list of planned topics includes:

  • Different Type of Inventory
  • Elements of an Item Record
  • Warehouse Locations
  • Inventory Adjustments vs Inventory Worksheets
  • Reorder points, preferred stock levels, auto calc, …
  • Purchase Order to Payment Process
  • Drop Shipping and Special Order Inventory
  • Landed Cost
  • Assembly / Serialized Assembly Items
  • Phantom vs Stock Items
  • Useful Pages for Managing Inventory
  • Work Orders and Assembly Builds
  • Planned vs Released Word Orders to Identify Shortages

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