Customizing NetSuite 2022

Cory Anderson of Cory Anderson Consulting presents Customizing NetSuite. He covers some of the basic and essential customizations possible in NetSuite as well as a few advanced topics. This meeting is designed for any NetSuite administrator or power user and will provide insight on how to customize NetSuite for your company’s users and business processes. Beginner and seasoned NetSuite users alike will find valuable takeaways to help them get the most out of NetSuite for their businesses. We will be covering, custom fields, custom lists, customizing forms (screen and printing options), and custom records. Margie Komninos of PlantScan Corporation will present Custom Segments in the Tips & Tricks section.”

Foreign Currency Exchange in NetSuite – FX 101

Peggy Evleth hosted a special, deep-dive session covering Foreign Currency Exchange (FX) in NetSuite. This session focused on key NetSuite functions including the following: • Company functional currency • Handling of foreign currency transactions • FX gains and loss handling • Consolidation of subsidiaries • CTA processing This session provides a basic overview for people who are using foreign currencies as part of their business but seek deeper knowledge as to how the system works.

NetSuite 101 – Back to Basics

Dana Larson from Dana Larson Consulting presented NetSuite 101 – Back to Basics. This meeting is a great meeting for folks who are new to NetSuite, as well as for those who have been using NetSuite for a while but could use a refresher on the basics. Even seasoned users might find pearls in this presentation!

SuiteAnalytics Workbooks – RMNSUG Meeting 1/15/2020

Jeremy King, from Doozy Solutions, will take us on a tour of the new SuiteAnalytics Workbook module in NetSuite. With SuiteAnalytics Workbook, you can create highly customizable workbooks that combine queries, pivot tables, and charts using a single tool which accesses data directly from the underlying records in NetSuite. Anyone interested in getting more from the data in NetSuite will benefit from this meeting. Users who have experience with Saved Searches will likely benefit the most.

NetSuite CRM and Sales Force Automation – 5/15/2019 Meeting

PowerPoints are available below the video.

In this month’s meeting, Cory Anderson shares exciting news he picked up at SuiteWorld. Margie Komninos with PlantScan gave an overview of the customer support management capabilities that are native in NetSuite. Then Dana Larson with Eide Bailly gave an overview of how to create leads, turn opportunities and estimates into sales orders and run forecasting reports. Since this is functionality that is already included in your NetSuite licensing (unless you have Financials Only), we think everyone can benefit from this discussion.

NetSuite Marketing Automation

Presentation slides available at bottom of post

Our board president, Cory Anderson with AvidMax, will walk us all the way through the Netsuite Marketing Automation system starting with capturing a lead, marketing to leads, and then analyzing a marketing campaign. This meeting will be focused around email marketing but will give a general understanding of Netsuite campaigns that can be applied to other campaign types. Any Netsuite user that would like to understand NetSuite’s powerful marketing functions and how they can put them to use to generate leads, customers, and sales. Only a basic understanding of marketing principles is necessary to be able to use the information presented.

Marketing Automation
-Lead Capture
-Subscription Management
-Preparing Email Campaigns
-Executing Campaigns
-Lead Nurturing Campaigns
-Campaign Analysis
-Alternative Options for Automated Marketing

NetSuite – Back to Basics

New NetSuite users/admins will find lots of value and even seasoned users should find many pearls in this presentation. Margie Komninos, a 15 year NetSuite user/admin veteran, will take you back to the basics on a whirlwind tour of NetSuite with stops for tips and tricks along the way.

Presentation slides are available below the video.

  • NetSuite Help – So Many Options
  • New Releases Tips
  • SuiteBundles Freebies
  • Lead to Case & Procure to Pay Overviews
  • Understanding Record types
  • The Power of Home Page Portlets
  • Set Preferences – Key Settings
  • Global Search Tips
  • NetSuite Saved Search Tips
  • NetSuite Reports Tips
  • Power of System Notes
  • Getting Data In/Out & Updated
  • It’s Sticky
  • Finding Waldo Tip
  • Permission Violations Trick
  • Easily send invoices to multiple emails
  • Other take-away goodies (more shortcuts and resources)

Budgets in NetSuite – 3 Ways!

We will review 3 different ways to provide budgets in NetSuite: using standard NetSuite functionality, using the multiple budgets included with Advanced Financials and OneWorld, and using Adaptive Planning (a complementary NetSuite product). Presented by Paul Thompson of Hein & Associates (now Moss Adams) and Dana Larson of Eide Bailly.

Simple budgeting included in the standard Financials module

  • How to add a simple budget in NetSuite
  • How to import a budget from a spreadsheet
  • Available classifications for my budget

The multiple budgets that are included with Advanced Financials and OneWorld

  • How multiple budgets work
  • How the local vs. global budgets in OneWorld work

Adaptive Planning – the complementary product

  • Benefits of using Adaptive Planning?
  • What functionality can be gained by adding this to NetSuite