SuiteTax, Advanced PDFs, and 2021.1 Update Overview

This meeting is a three-part meeting addressing two specific areas of NetSuite.

SuiteTax – This hour we will discuss how how NetSuite handles sales tax, including the Legacy Tax Solution, SuiteTax and alternative tax engines when SuiteTax isn’t robust enough.

Advanced PDFs – This hour we will discuss how to setup and start using the highly customizable Advanced PDF Printing templates. Starting with the basics, you’ll learn how to set standard transaction forms to use Advanced PDFs, how to start customizing Advanced PDFs with the WYSIWYG editor versus the source code mode, and then touch on some more advanced capabilities.

2021.1 Release Overview We will review what new features are coming out with the new 2021.1. Some of the new features include improvements to the shipping process as well as improved intercompany functionality in the Payables module.

Advanced PDF/HTML Templates

We are pleased to have Daniel Matyas present. He is the NetSuite product manager for Advanced Printing (Advanced PDF/HTML) .  Although part of this sounds very technical, we believe that everyone can benefit from this discussion.

  • Feature Introduction – goal of advanced printing; feature activation; customization of standard templates
  • Main Screen – properties dialog
  • Printing Template Editor – new element & styles tabs; standard elements & interactions; interactive tabs; field drag & drop, UI Freemarker interactions; header/footer, table insert/remove/edit; adding new fields, field selector; Freemarker syntax
  • Source Code Editor – iteration over sublist items
  • Printing from SuiteScript – data source creation; load template from file cabinet; create PDF as downloadable
  • Unsupported Functionality

As this was prior to recording meetings, please download meeting notes below.