FloDocs/Strongpoint – Automated Customization Documentation

Mark Walker of Strongpoint (previously FloDocs) will be flying in from Canada to present to our group.  Strongpoint/FLODocs™is the leading documentation and customization management tool for NetSuite. Strongpoint/FLODocs™ automatically documents customizations in your account. The unique tools enable you to understand the customizations in your account and to develop easy to understand process documents right in NetSuite.

  • Introduction – Why do we need automated documentation?
  • How it works  – Set it up and forget it.
  • Cleaning up your account – how to identify and remove unused customizations.
  • Change Management -Find out what is going to break before you change it.
  • Compliance – being ready for auditors.
  • Process Documentation – less is more and more achievable.

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